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Kiane Ink Healing in the Pen, LLC with Faith Presbyterian Church is launching Good News Sundays, an open mic dedicated to featuring clean and uplifting artistry. In its small but significant way, Good News Sundays is designed to create an environment that contradicts the daily bombardment of bad news we are subjected to through news and other information portals by simply welcoming poetry/artistry that is motivational, inspirational and spiritual. In addition, Good News Sundays will recognize at least one person/group as a Good News Ambassador, highlighting an untold story of positivity.
The donation request is only $5 (though there’s absolutely no objection if you feel inspired to give more:-). To buy tickets or sign up for the open mic, Contact Us Today or simply email us at
Come get some Good News! 4th Sundays from 4p-6p starting Sunday July 23rd!