About Kiane Ink

KIANE INK was birthed out of the frustration I felt every time I went to purchase a card for a special friend or loved one only to end up buying a blank card and writing my own words.  “A KIANE INK PRODUCTION” was the tag I placed on the back of homemade cards and framed poems.  Before I knew it, I was getting orders for the holidays!

Since its inception in 1997, KIANE INK has evolved to encompass a larger scope of meaningful impact:

BELIEF STATEMENT We believe people possess the ability to initiate healing from within through engagement of and exposure to creative writing and expression.

VISION STATEMENT:   KIANE INK ignites hope, provokes healing and fosters change in the lives of every human being.

MISSION STATEMENT:   KIANE INK provides a platform for hope, healing and social change by way of poetic products, cathartic writing workshops, individual coaching, and artistic community programming.