About Kiane Ink

KIANE INK was birthed out of the frustration I felt every time I went to purchase a card for a special friend or loved one only to end up buying a blank card and writing my own words.  “A KIANE INK PRODUCTION” was the tag I placed on the back of homemade cards and framed poems.  Before I knew it, I was getting orders for the holidays!

Since its inception in 1997, KIANE INK has evolved to encompass a larger scope of meaningful impact:

Belief Statement

 We believe people possess the ability to initiate healing from within through engagement of and exposure to creative writing and expression.

Vision Statement

KIANE INK ignites hope, provokes healing and fosters change in the lives of every human being.

Mission Statement

KIANE INK provides a platform for hope, healing and social change by way of poetic products, cathartic writing workshops, individual coaching, and artistic community programming.

About Dinahsta “MISS KIANE” Thomas

Author, performer, facilitator and entrepreneur, Dinahsta Thomas, also known as Miss Kiane, loves all things artsy. A native of Queens, NY Miss Kiane was born to an African American mother and a West African father. Consequently, Miss Kiane enjoys the benefits of a diverse and rich cultural background. Much of which shows up in her creative writing, performances and presentations.

As a performer, Miss Kiane has shared her poetry in several venues including Busboys and Poets, Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Center, Storytellers, The Synergy Center and several faith-based settings.  She’s appeared on a host of podcasts and T.V. shows such as Sojourn with Words, a CTV Poetry Cable Show hosted by Prince George’s County Poet Laureate Sistah Joy Alford, Color Me Poetry, directed by a DMV staple of poetry Danny Queen, and Maryland State’s Poet Laureate Grace Cavalier’s long standing radio broadcast, The Poet and the Poem.  She has authored two chapbooks; Think on These Things and Syncopated Hearts, produced one CD project, Permanent Impression: Poetries & Melodies and a poetry video “Hearing and Seeing“.  Additionally, Miss Kiane has several individually published poems in publications such as Paris Lit Up n 08, an international magazine that features poetry of poets across the globe. 
Currently, Miss Kiane enjoys hosting open mic night at Busboys and Poets at various locations including Hyattsville, Shirlington and Anacostia where she takes pride in creating a safe environment for veteran and novice creatives alike can mount the stage with a sense of comfort and ease.  

Miss Kiane is the owner of Kiane Ink Healing in the Pen, LLC, a creative arts company that uses poetry and creative expression as a platform for hope, healing, and social change.  In addition to spoken word performances, writing workshops and charitable community events, Miss Kiane has started a non-profit called The Inkwell committed to facilitating hope, awareness and self-love through creative writing and guided reflection. And when Miss Kiane is not hosting a poetry event, sharing her poetry or facilitating a writing workshop, she can be found binge watching episodes of SVU, cuddling with her dogs Brody and Jelly Bean and laughing at Tik Tok videos.

In her own words, “Poetry is my friend, my catharsis…my gift to the world.”

Do you live in or plan on visiting the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan area)?  If so, why not make plans to join me on 2nd Thursdays at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, MD for Open Mic Night with Miss Kiane?  Once a month, you can catch me hosting, spitting some poems and creating a safe space for others to express themselves.  Tickets are $5 online on Eventbrite and $8 at the door.  Meet me there!

I’m telling stories in 2023! Well something like that…lol
I am one of the performing storytellers for Story District ‘s January 10th show at Union Stage. The theme is Firsts & Lasts.
Every new beginning has an end. Firsts & Lasts features true tales told live on bringing in the new and letting go of the old. First kisses, break-ups, new jobs, returning from adventures – all experiences that offer diverse perspectives we can carry with us into the new year. As we reflect on another year gone by and the fresh year ahead, connect with the community over the stories that make up our beginnings and define our endings.


Book-a-Poet!  Book-THIS-poet!

Black History Month
National Service Day
Family Gathering
Youth Fellowship
Bachelorette Party
Retirement Party
Mental Health Conference
Writer’s Retreat
You get the point….

Guess What? I started an online open mic called The Poetry Spot (TPS) where the intention remains the same – to create a safe place for closet creatives to feel emboldened to share, to give and receive empowering feedback and to literally have a good time.

TPS is a monthly open mic on IG LIVE for 2 hours every 3rd Tuesday night from 8 pm to 10 pm. All poets and creatives are welcomed to share, however, TPS will give special spotlight to an emerging artist or closet creative (my term for creatives who may struggle to accept that their gift is worth sharing with others so they keep it to themselves). If that is YOU (hint hint….wink wink), I would love to spotlight you! It’s time…time to step out of the shadows onto “your spot” on stage!

This is not our ordinary open mic. There may be prompts, prizes and/or guest hosts! We resume January 17, 2023. If you are interested in featuring, email me at info@kianeink.com with The Poetry Spot in the subject line. Hope to see you online!