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Kiane Ink hosted its 9th Gathering: Open Mic with a Cause

Kiane Ink hosted its 9th Gathering: Open Mic with a Cause Check out this video montage of The Gathering!  This year’s special evening of poetry, song, tribute and praise featured The InkWELL, a new 501(c)(3).  Started by Miss Kiane herself, The InkWELL shares the same heart as the vision of Kiane Ink; to help people heal, [...]

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Kiane Ink presents “A Better Today” Poetry Contest

This is Kiane Ink’s inaugural poetry contest.  The theme is “A Better Today” and the idea is to speak to what “better” looks like now versus “in the future”.  Participants are encouraged to speak to this theme in their submissions however they deem.  This contest welcomes first-timers and done-it-a-few-time timers.  In other words, you [...]

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For This Moment

The sun illuminates the brush ever so perfectly. The air is quietly filled with birds songs, wind powered streams and canine conversations. If you listen close enough you can hear the bass line of summer on a nearby basketball court. It’s peaceful. For this moment, the dry brown spots are a luscious green and bare [...]

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Kiane Ink’s The Gathering: Open Mic With a Cause was a complete success!

Kiane Ink's The Gathering: Open Mic With a Cause was a complete success!  Shout out to Alice's Jazz and Cultural Society!  The venue was quaint and fabulous.  Kiane Ink looks forward to hosting future events there!  Featured Artist, Adrian Blu soothed the crowd with his melodic tunes.  Spotlight Artist, Sistah Fran blessed the mic with [...]

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Effulgent – Word of the week!

Effulgent - adj. bright, shining, radiant Sample Sentence: His effulgent aura blinded me and all I could do is bask in the warm feeling of his radiance. Now you try!

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That Table

Boston Market catered my Turkey day this year.  Though grateful for the $22.41 needed to purchase this tasty meal, I was saddened that it was not prepared by her hands, served from her dishes….consumed at her table. In fact, that table is gone…loaded on a truck with careless quickness. That table used to hold meals [...]

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The Gathering: Open Mic With a Cause April 18, 2015

Tickets are $10 We are proud to announce that we will be hosting our 3rd quarterly Gathering!  The Gathering: Open Mic With A Cause is more than just an open mic; it's a movement!  This April we have the wonderful opportunity to partner with Safe Shores, DC's Children's Advocacy Center.  They are celebrating 20 years of [...]

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Now Offering Creative / Cathartic Workshops:

We are proud to announce the following new services: Creative: Creative Writing Workshops are designed to stimulate and cultivate the creative writer in you as well as develop the art of the spoken word. Cathartic: Cathartic Writing Workshops are therapeutically designed to help individuals access inner healing, growth and inspiration through journaling, poetry and creative writing. Artistic Charitable Events: In [...]

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