Kiane Ink’s The Gathering: Open Mic With a Cause was a complete success!  Shout out to Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society!  The venue was quaint and fabulous.  Kiane Ink looks forward to hosting future events there!  Featured Artist, Adrian Blu soothed the crowd with his melodic tunes.  Spotlight Artist, Sistah Fran blessed the mic with her poetry and courageously shared her story.  Vendors included tasty, gourmet beverages sold by Capps and Frapps and Sharon’s Dream Destinations Travel Business where great vacations await.

More importantly Kiane Ink was proud to feature Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshops!.  With a heart for troubled juveniles, Free Minds offers book clubs and writing workshops to juveniles who have been arrested and charged as adults serving time in both DC Jail System and Federal Prisons across the country.  Like Kiane Ink, Free Minds offers writing and poetry as a cathartic outlet and source of healing. Check out their website to learn more about what they do and how you can get involved.