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Ode to My Black Skin

The Sunlight tiptoes in around 5ish, but I ignore her. She waits impatiently touching my face until she finally  punches me in the right eye. I squint. Right eye shut still. Left eye filled with radiance. Heart exploding with unexplainable excitement.

I push crumpled blankets to the side swinging legs over toes dangle above the floor and the sun illuminates my black thighs like the beautiful haze of a full moon in a midnight sky. Today, black is beautiful. Sleeveless and short, the only clothing requirements.

The water slides down my tar back  and though its purpose is to cleanse me, I swear it is purified after mingling with my hue and now the sewer will never be the same. I nourish my skin with Nivea,  put on white to pop and step into the ocean of sun. Like the Red Sea,  my soul opens up absorbing the brilliance that evens out blotches and stains of naysayers. Beauty uninterrupted. Today, black is beautiful.


Kiane’s Blog

Visions of Houston highways made ocean ways and parking lots made tributaries, flood the internet and news channels in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the first major hurricane making landfall in the U.S. since 2005.  Texas is in for a long hall of recovery.  Homes were devoured by water, memories swept away in a deluge of rain, pets separated from their humans and yes -lives lost.  Devastation has a way of sobering a nation.  Despite the racially riddled climate of our country these days, hands of all hues join together to help Texas regain its footing.  Just when I think, all hope is lost and a black or white line has been drawn in the sand, Humanity blows a strange wind and erases that line.  No matter how hard we may try to prove otherwise, we need one another.

Kiane Ink will be joining the efforts of, in Houston, Tx to help individual families start again and recover from the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey.  You can go to the website and DONATE now. Stay tuned for more information on how you can join Kiane Ink’s™ efforts this fall.