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May 2017

For This Moment

May 30th, 2017|

The sun illuminates the brush ever so perfectly. The air is quietly filled with birds songs, wind powered streams and canine conversations. If you listen close enough you can hear the bass line of summer on a nearby basketball court. It’s peaceful. For this moment, the dry brown spots are a luscious green and bare limbs are laden with fruit. Like an enamored lover, the wind, the wind kisses my [...]

Kiane’s Word of the Week

Effulgent – Word of the week!

Effulgent - adj. bright, shining, radiant Sample Sentence: His effulgent aura blinded me and all I could do is bask in the warm feeling of his radiance. Now you try!

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Miss Kiane Releases Spoken Word Video

Miss Kiane is going places!  Hop on this "train" and dare to go along!  Kiane Ink is excited to announce and release Miss Kiane's first spoken word video, Hearing and Seeing!  Subscribe to Miss Kiane's new [...]