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At Kiane Ink, we believe that there is healing in the pen and through the power of words a life can be changed.  Gladys, a single mother of a 9 year old son named Leander, is the recipient family of this past Gathering’s fundraiser.  Gladys has been displaced from her home as a result of hurricane Harvey that took place in Houston, TX last year.  The journey to recovery is certain, but taxing.  Kiane Ink has committed to send inspiring poems, greeting cards and/ or encouraging notes to Gladys and her son over the next 12 months as a way to provide emotional support during their restorative process.

Join Kiane Ink over the next 12 months as we #dotheWRITEthing!  Kiane Ink solicits your help in our #dotheWRITEthing campaign for Gladys and Leander.  Every month we will collect cards, poems or letters that Kiane Ink will send to Gladys and her son as a source of encouragement. Here is how it works:

  1. Every month Kiane Ink will put an all call out on its social media platforms (FB, IG, TWITTER & LinkedIn) requesting poems, letters and/or greetings cards for Gladys and Leander.  Depending on the month, there may be a theme (i.e. February – Love).
  2. Poems and letters may be sent electronically to with #dotheWRITEthink in the subject.  Please include your name in the body of the email. No poems will be used or duplicated for any other reason beside providing to the recipient family. If Kiane Ink or the recipient desires to utilize your work for additional purposes, a written request will be provided.  Kiane Ink understands that authors may deny the request for use outside of its original intended use for the recipient family.
  3. Greeting cards (poems and letters) may be sent to the following address:   Kiane Ink Healing in the Pen, LLC  P.O. Box 30115  Washington DC 20030
  4. All submissions should be received by the 25th of the previous month.  For example, February’s submission should be received by January 25th.  (January’s submissions have already been received).
  5. Submissions will be screened to ensure, no inappropriate solicitation or content is provided.

Featured Poem

Facing South

Like the migrant bird,
I turn my expectations south.
Gathering as many scattered memories
from this fleeting Sun season as I can
Bare legs,
Impromptu picnics,
Face devouring sunglasses and
Vitamin D overdoses.
The winter is coming,
and I must protect my soul form its cold talons.
My wings are in spirit only.
I cannot fly south.
So, I burn summer memories to keep me warm
until the South returns to me.

-Miss (c) 2017

Kiane’s Blog

As many of you know, Kiane Ink hosted its 8th Gathering: Open Mic with a Cause this past Saturday January 6, 2018.  It was a blast! (Gallery coming soon!) Kiane Ink joined forces with Dr. Cecelia S. Martin of TEEM Leadership Institute in Houston, Tx to help a family in their restorative process after the devastation of hurricane Harvey.  Her name is Gladys and her son is Leander.  Gladys and her 9-year-old son Leander received 6 inches of rain in their home. Their home was destroyed by water and mold in the walls, and their personal items were lost. As of January 2018, Gladys and her son continue to reside with family and friends with hopes that her home will habitable again soon,  Volunteers are working on her home, but the demand is high and resources are low.  Kiane Ink will travel to Houston in January to present Gladys the token of love raised at the Gathering.  Please know that Kiane Ink will represent ALL of you who have participated in this Cause whether through attendance, donation, prayers, service or all of the above.  This is what The Gathering: Open Mic with a Cause is all about – mobilizing communities to impact change.