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Sunday Coaching with Miss Kiane Save

Tune in every Sunday at 5:30 pm EST on Facebook (@DinahstaKiane) and Instagram (@KianeInk) for what Miss Kiane likes to call “a break between the rounds”.  Just like boxers take a brief minute in between rounds to catch their breath, wipe their brow and receive advice for the next round, Sunday Coaching desires to be just that for listeners; empowering and encouraging them as they gear up for their new round or week. Sunday Coaching is an extemporaneous conversation with Miss Kiane on topics ranging from loyalty, friendship, faith, dreams, salmon (you had to be there! ) and so much more.  See you Sunday!

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Life is a Relationship

With arms straddled high and feet locked in to gravity The vulnerability of being alive can be frightening. Every twist, turn, bump, bruise. low and high is a relationship A ship of relation in which I cannot just sit and float but I must row. I must steer and I must defy fear. Defy fear. Take on empathy as I relate to you stepping in your shoes. Defy fear. Show compassion as I [...]

April 7th, 2015|Poem of the month|
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