About Dinahsta “MISS KIANE” Thomas

Her full name is Dinahsta Kiane Thomas, but she goes by Miss Kiane, a nickname she acquired in college and now uses as her stage name for poetic performances. A native of Queens, NY, Dinahsta resided in multiple places but has most recently settled in Washington, DC. Born to a single mother, an absent father and the oldest of two, Dinahsta was raised as an only child. At an early age, her brother was removed from the home and adopted into another family. Dinahsta experienced homelessness, couch hopping and general poverty before settling in Maryland where she and her mother lived with her maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, Dinahsta’s mother passed away abruptly just two years later leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. Dinahsta struggled to process the losses in her life but somehow found poetry. Despite, many challenges in her life, Dinahsta attests that her consistent cathartic outlet was writing and poetry. Whether it was dear diary letters, journal entries or poems jotted in spiral notebooks, writing has helped her cope and heal. Through the rearing and prayers of her grandmother, Dinahsta managed avoid becoming a typical statistic, but rather finished high school with excellent grades and high hopes. Dinahsta attended and graduated Morgan State University where she earned a BS in Psychology. The first in her family to receive a college degree, Dinahsta went on to earn a Master of Social Work degree from Howard University and is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker.

Although she is a social worker by profession, she is a poet by passion. In 1997, Dinahsta launched KIANE INK. She wrote cards, poems and other writings for special events and as special gifts. In 2005, she expanded KIANE INK to include the artistry of poetic performance in which she enjoys performing poetry at special events and spoken word venues. This year; however, Kiane Ink has evolved into a perfect fusion of Dinahsta’s professional and passionate interests offering cathartic/creative writing workshops, artistic community events and individual coaching. Kiane Ink provides a platform for hope, healing and social justice through poetry and creative expression. Because writing served as a therapeutic outlet for her during her childhood and adulthood, Dinahsta believes that poetry can help others in a similar way. In her own words, “Poetry is my friend, my catharsis….my gift to the world….”