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KIANE INK Products consists of framed poems, keepsake & Namesake shadowboxes and other sentimental gifts.  Each gift is centered around an original KIANE INK poem either written or pre-selected for the occasion.  What better way to express feelings of appreciation, love or sympathy than through a custom made gift from KIANE INK.

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Miss Kiane is a member of The Write Blend,  a poetry ensemble located in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  This diverse group of six all have very different poetic voices, backgrounds, religious beliefs, careers and heights, but the string that ties these poets together is poetry.  The Write Blend, also the name of the group’s first poetry collection, is for sale on amazon.com

Stay tuned for a new audio project called H2O (Hope, Heal. Overcome).  This project is slated to be a collection of poems, prose, music and videos.

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Angela Martin, Executive Director of the Maryland Community Action Council says, “She’s an awesome talent, extremely gifted and in tune with her messaging for diverse audiences. She electrified the room…”

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Coaching Services:

Creative: Creative Writing Workshops are designed to stimulate and cultivate the creative writer in you as well as develop the art of the spoken word.
Cathartic: Cathartic Writing Workshops are therapeutically designed to help individuals access inner healing, growth and inspiration through journaling, poetry and creative writing.

Artistic Charitable Events: In an effort to raise awareness, leverage resources and incite action, KIANE INK uses the arts to rally the community together around social issues and relevant causes.

Individual Coaching: Coaching services consist of customized one on one consultation series based on talent/purpose development.

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