What is The Gathering: Open Mic with a Cause?

Gathering 2014. dancingThe Gathering is an inspiring and artistic event sponsored by KIANE INK to display diverse, dynamic and creative expression through multiple mediums such as poetry readings, spoken word, singing, music, art, photography, sign language mime, drama and more.  Unlike other typical spoken word venues, The Gathering is designed to respond to a social need or cause.  KIANE INK strategically uses the arts to rally people together around a cause and inciting the community to action.    On the surface, The Gathering is a meeting place for creative souls to descend and share their talents, but at its core, The Gathering   stimulates inner healing, meets a social need, fosters a sense of community and awakens spiritual awareness.

The Gathering stimulates inner healing through the giving and receiving of positive artistry.  In an Aboriginal Healing Foundation Study in which the relationship between healing and creative arts were analyzed, 94 out of 104 healing programs that responded to the survey utilized one or more art forms as an intricate part of their program (Archibald & Dewar, 2010).    KIANE INK believes that an individual’s desire for inspiration or encouragement transcends ethnicity, socioeconomic status and spiritual beliefs; therefore, the arts can be a common ground where healing can be shared and experienced.  According to Archibald and Dewar (p.7), there is an “…. innate healing power of art and creativity…” and The Gathering harnesses that belief by providing a space for creative expression.

The Gathering meets a social need by partnering with corporations, organizations and special groups to assist in charitable efforts.  In a national survey report called Giving and Volunteering in the United States, 2001, it states:

American society as a whole benefits from the financial support, commitment, skills, and enthusiasm of those who give and volunteer. Voluntary participation, whether through gifts of time or money, makes for a vibrant civil society (p.12).

Despite all of the dis-ease in the United States, the survey reveals that a whopping 96% volunteer/give because they feel compassion for the one(s) in need; while 91% indicated that volunteering/giving is a vital part of giving back to their community (Giving and Volunteering, 2001). The Gathering affords individuals the opportunity to help bolster a cause, aide the less fortunate and more importantly express compassion toward humanity.

The Gathering fosters a sense of community by bringing members of a community together around a common cause.  The arts have been adapted as an acceptable tool for enhancing community engagement. KIANE INK believes that it is through the gathering of a community that ideas are shared, voices are heard and even change is made. At The Gathering, the arts are merely a vehicle to bring members of the community together and encourage a sense of unity.

The Gathering awakens spiritual awareness by promoting themes such as faith, hope, encouragement and charity.  The Gathering is a place where creative expression has purpose beyond entertainment, but rather to inspire, to enlighten and to empower.  The Gathering ultimately turns the heart toward oneness and the ONE who authors our gifts and talents.

Next Gathering:

December 10, 2022 

@Creative Suitland located 4719 Silver Hill Rd., Suitland, MD 20746

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm